An Unknown Part of Your Car That's Important to Know

Most drivers are aware of what the engine and transmission are, but there are some parts of the car that they aren't aware of that need maintenance. One such part is the differential. Every once in a while, the liquid inside the differential needs to be changed to prevent damage to the vehicle.

The differential is a gearbox that helps transfer power to the axle responsible for turning your vehicle's wheels. If something goes wrong with your differential, you may find yourself unable to drive the car. At dealer Lute Riley Honda in Richardson, TX we come across cases in which the vehicle owner could have saved time and money by knowing they need to keep the differential's fluid fresh. When the fluid breaks down or becomes contaminated, it places stress on the gears. Check your owner's manual to know how often you need to change the differential fluid. Usually, it's somewhere between every 30,000-60,000 miles.

Keeping the differential in good condition is important for preventing costly repairs. It's as simple as taking your car into a mechanic every 30,000-60,000 miles for its routine differential fluid change.

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