Regular maintenance of your car both inside and out will keep its resale value high. Whether you wash your car at home or take advantage of a local car wash, it's important to maintain a regular schedule when keeping it clean so you catch small issues before they become major problems.

Weekly washing is an easy schedule to remember, but there are times when your vehicle may not need to be washed or may need frequent washing. Winter is hard on vehicles in most climates. Roads that are spread with salted grit in snowy weather can be especially damaging to paint and the vehicle's undercarriage. Even climates that experience only a light frost during the winter will need to wash away the grime more often.

Warm weather or proximity to the ocean comes with its own set of challenges. Bugs striking the vehicle's finish can do their part to ruin it, as can debris from road maintenance. Keep an eye on your vehicle and adjust your cleaning schedule as needed for best effect.

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