Vehicle owners commonly purchase mats to install in their car, truck or SUV to protect the floor carpet. However, some might ponder with the decision to use traditional rubber or upscale carpet mats. There are pros and cons to both types.

Rubber mats are ideal to stand up against the various types of dirt, mud, moisture, and debris that comes into the vehicle from the outside. Rubber versions are easily cleaned by simply using the garden hose. However, the mats are typically only available in black, gray or tan, which makes it difficult to match them with all interiors.

Carpeted mats also protect vehicle interiors from the debris and grime that comes inside. Carpet mats are more attractive and are available in a wider range of colors. Cleaning the mats requires deep vacuuming. Stains also provide a bit of a challenge. Visit us here at Lute Riley Honda in Richardson, TX for your vehicle's accessory needs.

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