Effective handling is crucial for any car, no matter what make and model. Handling well helps drivers avoid obstacles. If a vehicle isn't properly responsive to the driver's steering, that can cause lots of issues and even lead to accidents.

Oversteer is a term meaning a car that turns too sharply. This raises the risk of a car going into a spin. It's especially problematic when there's rain or icy conditions. Understeer is the opposite. With understeer, the car doesn't turn enough. Operators can see their cars go off the road, even though they're turning the steering wheel properly.

Over and understeer are each serious problems. If your vehicle isn't handling properly, you'll need to have it checked by a qualified professional. Come and see us at Lute Riley Honda the next time you're in Richardson, TX. Our technicians can help solve this problem, typically by adjusting your car's suspension.

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