Gaskets are one of the least glamorous, yet most important, components in any motor vehicle. Made of rubber or similar materials, they're often shaped like a ring. Gaskets ensure that things are sealed securely. In cars, they are used in the engine and in the exhaust system.

Blown gaskets are bad. Without gaskets, you don't have an effective seal in a place where you really need one. A missing gasket in the exhaust system can allow dangerous gases to be in places where they shouldn't be. Keeping coolant and oil at the levels recommended by your car's manufacturer are just two of the steps you can take to keep your gaskets in good working order.

Foaming, bubbling, and white smoke coming from the tailpipe can all be signs of gasket failure. If you ever do blow a gasket, we're here for you. At Lute Riley Honda we have top-notch technicians who can solve just about any automotive problem.

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