What is Car Wax?

There are so many different opinions about car wax and most people are unaware of what it actually is. There are a lot of benefits that can help your car. When people hear about car wax they tend to only think about the shiny layer that it gives after it is placed on your car.

Car wax is a hard hydrocarbon that is at about room temperature. Most natural waxes come from sources like carnauba. While other synthetic waxes and oils come from different types of silicones. This wax is placed on your car to help prevent it from getting destroyed by light, liquid, and other pollution. Car wax is unique and has a positive effect on your car's longevity.

If you’re still confused about car wax and how it works, come out to Lute Riley Honda and we'll get you with our professionals that can help you pick out the best type of wax for your vehicle.

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