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Honda Timing Belt Package

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Timing Belt Replacement: Only a Master Certified Technician will do

If you aren't a certified technician, don't try replacing the timing belt. Honda certified technicians know the best maintenance protocols to easily inspect and diagnose any timing belt problems. Our diagnostic process can also identify other problems that might be contributing to the symptoms detailed in the service consultation. Our master certified technicians take the time to precisely time your engine and protect the internal parts to ensure it generates the expected amount of power. If you have one of the common symptoms of a timing belt problem, it is time to talk with a Honda master certified technician about your vehicle's needs.

Honda Timing Belt

The timing belt is a major part of an internal combustion engine that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft so that the valves open and close at just the right time during intake and exhaust strokes. Timing belts usually last a long time, but they are also known to go bad, causing symptoms on their way to total failure. We recommend having timing belt replacement service before you get stranded because of timing belt failure. 

Common Symptoms of a Timing Belt Problem:

  • Engine has difficulty starting
  • Exhaust fumes are darker than usual
  • Poor idling that causes the vehicle to shake
  • Split or frayed belt edges
  • Squeaky noise coming from the tensioner pulley

Broken Timing Belts Cause Other Costly Damages

When the timing belt eventually breaks, your vehicle will not be able to move. The worst part is that when the timing belt breaks, it can cause damage to other engine parts that are expensive to replace. A broken timing belt can cause bent valves, cylinder head damage, camshaft damage, piston damage, or cylinder wall damage. 

Schedule Service

 If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of a bad timing belt, or if you have driven beyond the Timing Belt Replacement Service interval, it is time to schedule Timing Belt Replacement Service at Lute Riley Honda in Dallas. We have 12 master certified technicians and 25 service bays to ensure that your Timing Belt Replacement service is convenient and quick.


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