The Benefits of Driving a Certified Pre-Owned

So you're looking for your next Honda, and you're looking, like most people shopping for cars, to find a car with the best value for a lower cost. Well, have you considered buying a certified pre-owned vehicle? This segment of used vehicles is dedicated to giving you the most value for less than a new vehicle.

In order for a vehicle to qualify as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, it must first and foremost be less than six years old and have less than 80,000 miles on it. If it passes that preliminary stage, then it moves into the certification process. This involves a lengthy 182-point mechanical and appearance inspection to see if it meets Honda Standards. During this process, Honda technicians check the major systems like the brakes, the engine, drivetrain, suspension, and tires. Parts during this inspection that don't meet the standards are replaced with genuine Honda parts.

Once the process is complete, this vehicle will also come with a full, free Carfax vehicle history report as well as an extensive used-car warranty that is good for up to seven years or 100,00 miles.

So, you'll get a car that's only a few years old, which means it will have a lot of the same features that are on the new ones, you'll get a great warranty, and you'll get it for less than the price of a new vehicle. Oh, and since it's a used vehicle, that means that the depreciation spike has already occurred, so the car retains its value far more steadily than before. What are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us directly on our website for any more information regarding our certified inventory or the certification process, and then come by the dealership and take one for a test drive.

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