Protect and Maintain Your Vehicle by Keeping It Clean

We at Lute Riley Honda want customers to feel proud of their vehicle investment and to get the highest enjoyment and value from automobile ownership. That is why we advocate regularly washing all vehicles to remove dirt and other environmental pollutants.

Our team in Richardson, TX wants vehicle owners to know that regularly washing your means of transportation not only improves appearances but also prevents prolonged dirt exposure from leading to cracks in the vehicle's finish. Optimal conditions in paint and finish help to maintain value whether. A relatively easy task such as car washing helps to maintain maximum value whether the plan is to keep the vehicle for a long time or to sell or trade it in.

Regularly washing vehicles also allows a chance to gain an up-close view of the overall exterior condition of the automobile. Our team is happy to assist with any issues that are noticed during routine car washings and cleanings, as well as any needs for a fresh coat of paint or primer.

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