Android Auto is one of the most popular car apps available for a number of reasons. You can easily get real-time traffic information, listen to your favorite music or easily make phone calls. Here are two of the top features of Android Auto.

With some compatible cars and aftermarket equipment, you can simply plug your phone into your infotainment system with a USB cord. This allows you to easily integrate your phone's information to your vehicle. Now, you can easily play your favorite music, audiobook or podcast through your vehicle's audio system.

Android Auto also features real-time turn-by-turn navigation information using either Google Maps or Waze. Simply press a button on your steering wheel. This activates the Google Assistant verbal app. Simply tell the Google Assistant where you want to go. From there, the Google Assistant will give you turn-by-turn verbal information in real-time. Additionally, Android Auto will deliver a real-time map onto your infotainment screen.

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